The project

Open Data NoiPA is a project created to make available, transparent and fully usable the extensive information assets managed by the Information and Innovation Systems Department of the Ministry of Economy and Finance. The portal, in fact, allows all citizens to consult in aggregated form data resulting from the management of public administration staff, thus responding to the opening policies, exploitation and dissemination of data promoted by AgID.

With Open data NoiPA every citizen has access to tools that allow browsing and processing of Datasets in a Linked Open Data (LOD) format, to date the most advanced technological standard for the processing of online databases. The LOD format, in fact, makes it possible to link different databases together using semantic references and enabling detailed, precise and fast searches.

The open data, shared with NoiPA users, concern procedures for crediting of salaries, the trend of contract types, the status of employment relationships, the number of administrators divided by municipality of residence and organizational unit, the evolution of deductions for dependent family members, the trend of gross checks to the family unit and classification.

Thanks to the open source tool "LodLive" the portal datasets offer the possibility to obtain a graphical representation of the existing connections between the data.

The ways data are processed for the different types of administrations can be traced back to two categories:

For central government departments and some off-balance-sheet entities, data on salary competences are prepared and sent via electronic channel to the Bank of Italy. The Bank then transmits orders for the salary crediting to Credit Institutions.

For other non-economic public bodies and local authorities, data on salary competences are elaborated and transmitted to the Entity, together with the payment provisions to the credit institution providing the credit. The Entity can directly provide the liquidation of skills to its employees, or make additions to the accounting data received from the NoiPA system.

Through this technology, the Open Data portal NoiPA, developed as part of the Cloudify NoiPA program, achieves a dual objective: to ensure transparency and to maximize the information assets of the PA staff.

To guarantee the data usability, the new portal is also equipped with the "LodLive" open source tool, allowing to graph the data and enabling a simple and intuitive visualization of connections existing between the various considered Datasets.


The various datasets published can be consulted on the Dataset page.



Access the Virtuoso SPARQL Query Editor application, which will allow you to query the NOIPA Linked Open Data and download the requested data.